Western Star 5700XE

Last week I issued a bounty for photos of the new Western Star 5700XE in a “natural” environment. I was hoping to grab some shots of this new rig outside of the usual press photos that you can find all over the web. Andrew answered the call very quickly and really capitalized on the natural element in his photos.

Western Star 5700XE

Here we see the 5700XE as it passes through some scenic territory on the way to the press event in Nevada. These photos are exclusive to Daily Diesel Dose by the way.

Western Star 5700XE

Andrew has declined to collect his bounty due to his connections with Western Star so there are plenty of opportunities left to grab your prize. If you see the new 5700XE on the road, a dealer lot, the factory line, or any other real location Email Me! T-Shirts, Stickers, Mouse Pads and other gizmos are ready for the taking!

Other Active Bounties: The Cat CT681

Thanks again Andrew! For more information on the 5700XE click here.


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