Autocar Mondays – The Last Autocar?

The City of Syracuse, NY used to run many, many heavy duty Autocars. They still have one in the form of this AWD Wrecker and years ago I found the remains of one hiding in the weeds. All other trucks of this once vast fleet have seemly disappeared. Their Detroit Diesel screams left only to memory. No doubt they returned to the earth in the form of a giant pile of salt corroded rust. Such was the fate I had slated for the truck below as it has been sitting on dirt mound near the entrance to the DPW garage for some time now. I figured it was done for, left to rot until eventually pushed onto the auction lot. To my pleasant surprise it turned up at a local repair shop a few days ago. It may have been towed but I prefer to believe it drove in under its own power.


Blue painted wheels give a clue to a fleet color that has been left by the wayside. At one  time you would have found a yellow cab with blue hood to go along with those wheels. Now the trucks come in either solid white or yellow. Better than purple I suppose. Either way, you are looking at the second to last Autocar in the fleet. Historic!

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