Winter Continues

Well, there isn’t much going on around here worth talking about so let’s look at some plows. This past Sunday bands of lake effect passed through the region producing white out conditions one moment followed by blinding sun the next. I didn’t have much else going on so I took a cruise looking for something a little different. I happened by the airport just as a convoy of Oshkosh trucks with snow brooms began to clear a runway. I thought about getting closer to the fence but realized I’m on enough government lists as it is. Any thoughts on the make of that last rig?

Here we see one of the new International NYSDOT trucks at work. I’m glad to see the blue hood survives now that the flying T door logo has been done away with.

I’ve found another Detroit (presumably) powered parking lot warrior. This one is wearing the same Case imitation colors as the Trojan from a few weeks ago. I guess these must be the corporate colors of CNY Sealing and Plowing.

In the gallery below you’ll find truck 212 of the Syracuse DPW. Winter is about the only time this trucks make a public appearance. One of two, maybe more, this one is my favorite. I can tell because of the red cab corner clearance lights. Next is a Town of Salina truck loaded to the max with salt. Then, another CNY sealing machine. A Syracuse Airport Authority truck is next, barred from using chemicals on runways this truck makes sure that salt is still heavily used on terminal roads and parking lots. Finally we end with a NYSDOT Mack Granite shot.

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  1. Mike Gaskin says:

    The last truck in the airport convoy is a Fresia F2000 compact sweeper; they were marketed in the US for a time by Fortbrand Services.

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