Wrath of Hercules

By this time most of the Northeast has recovered from winter storm Hercules. Here in Central New York we received around 6 to 8 inches of snow. Of course some locations that have a permanent snow cloud tethered above their homes for the entire course of winter saw a few more feet. You know who you are. Despite all the snow I didn’t come across much action to share with you all. Mother nature was polite enough to wait for the holidays to be end before letting loose. This means I was back at work so I could only stare out the window and wonder about what could have been. Of course this spared the snow plow crews and their families so I guess it’s a good trade off.

So here is the one storm related show I grabbed of Syracuse DPW truck 260 was waiting for me as I left the office. Hero of the day!

Thankfully Andy was quick on the ball when it came to grabbing a shot of this Oshkosh brine truck for the NYSDOT. While speaking of road treatments there is an interesting video here about the various materials used to keep roads free of ice. Everything from molasses to cheese to beet juice is being poured on the streets today.

Also found in the gallery below is truck 262 (Syracuse DPW) as it sat at the local heavy duty spring shop prior to the storm. Gotta love that snow blasted wing. The orange Western Star 4900 belongs to the Oswego County (NY) Highway Department and was spotted at Tracey Road Equipment just the other day. It’s a nice looking setup.

If you happen to need more snow plow action I recommend the the thread on PlowSite.com that started it all. Click here.


You can check on this Facebook group dedicated to all things plow by clicking here.

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