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Time to start the year off right at Daily Diesel Dose….by looking at trucks from an auction that took place in October! I kept putting these shots on the back burner for one reason or another until so much time had passed I almost thought it was too late for prime time. Then I realized it doesn’t really matter and I did promise continuing coverage of this event so here we go!

We saw some of the other plows from this sale in the forms of a giant military spec Oshkosh WT2206 and a former NYSDOT International 2574. As cool as those trucks are they were not the only rigs up for bid that day. There was this nice looking 2000 Volvo WG42 from the Town of Cato, NY. All you had to do was to bid, win, plow.


Parked next to the Cato truck was a fairly large Autocar from the Town of Homer, NY. Moderate rust was to be found along with a 1420-3B Spincer transmission that provide all the low range gearing you could ever want. Further down the line was a nice looking 1996 single axle 2574 from the Town of Lysander, NY. Well, it was nice if you could look past the rust. In some places it was possible to look through the rust. Also in the gallery are a pair Volvo’s from parts unknown.


Along with the plows there was an eclectic mix of other equipment like this old sweeper.


Some random notes about the gallery seen below. I never knew there was money to made in sawdust delievery. The stank eminating from the cab of the Ford tanker made me dizzy. Long live the S-Series. The Ford box truck was in decent shape but gas powered so forget about it. I lift things up and put them down. Pretty sure this truck was at the auction last year but returned again this time with some fancy LED’s and more bondo. Random International 4000’s series love. A Mack R-Model with over 800,000 miles on the odometer.


I also shot a walk around video of this John Deere scraper. Stay clear of moving parts. Blue smoke comes standard!


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