At Auction – International 2574 Snow Plow

We all know that I’m a fan of International Trucks, specifically the S-Series and the line of heavy trucks that evolved from that linage into the 2574 and 2674 models. When I found out that an auction was taking place this weekend at the NYS Fairgrounds with not only many great used plow trucks but at least one former NYSDOT International I was commited to attending.

International 2574 Snow Plow

You may remember this truck from the early days of summer. Back then I stopped to check it when the plow was still in the dump bed. I didn’t know it at the time but the current owner was looking to sell it for 13,000 big ones.  I guess the price was too high as it sat on the auction line this past Saturday morning. A 2001 model, this 2574 was in decent shape with minimal rust that was generally no deeper than surface. The engine ran clean and started after just a few cranks while air pressure built rapidly and held steady. The radio, beacon lights and spot lights all worked like they would on a new truck. The plow controls were intact and worked like a charm. I was surprised to find only four levels. One to raise and lower the blade with the other three devoted to controlling the missing wing. A nine speed transmission meet up with some form of Cummins to complete the power train. I believe the miles read 39,000 and change but I didn’t grab an auction catalog or save one from the Teitsworth website so I guess we’ll never know the true specifics.  Watch the video below and make your own decision. Would you have bid?

Some clues regarding the past life of this truck could be found in the cab. An old print out of radio numbers indicate this truck operated out the Hailesboro, NY barn. If correct, this truck slugged it out with the best of them in the cold, long, and deep snow winters of the north country. Hailesboro is located outside of Gouverneur NY. Were talking a location north of Watertown, NY. Yes, people live there. 😉

I miss the days when the single axle International trucks were the front line defense against old man winter. The new Mack Granites are nice but look too modern and clean. Once again, my opinion would probably change greatly if drove one of these trucks for a living! Also at the auction were a handful of Oshkosh trucks with some being more bad ass than others. Stay tuned! I think you’ll enjoy it.


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