1976 International Loadstar

Ah, it’s time to say goodbye to this old rig. We first took a look at this old rig back in 2011 when Davis Wallbridge was still using it on the job. And even then, the picture was from 2007! The paint certainly had more luster to it back in those days. Sometime around the early fall this truck was pushed out to the front yard of their shop and put up for sale. And there it sat. And sat. And sat some more. Other trucks and heavy equipment were also offered up for sale but the poor old little Loadstar just waited for a buyer that would never come. Eventually it ended up for sale at the annual Alex Lyon summer sale in Canastota, NY. 

The truck was rusty and crusty in the spots you would expect. Under the hood the IHC 446 gas was surrounded by tanks and tubes for the juice break system. All in all you could do far worse for a cheap little dump truck. I don’t know what it sold for but I’m going to guess 500.00 was the ceiling.

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