Conventional Convention

Classics. They evoke feelings of nostalgia and happiness. How does this truck make you feel? There was no shortage of beauties like this Kenworth on the York Expo center fairgrounds two weeks ago. The fact that I’m still sharing photos and videos should be proof enough of the show size.

Kenworth Classic Conventional

Next year the ATHS national convention heads to the west coast. Salem, Oregon to be exact. I suspect there will be plenty of trucks similar in setup to this perfectly restored Mack logging truck.

Mack Logging Truck

But the east coast will also be home to mass quantities of R-Models like this RS700L.

The sun sets on Marmom on the day before the show.

Marmom Classic Truck

Hope no one is bored yet. Even if you are, I really don’t much else to talk about so I guess were struck with more classics!

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