A day at the races, classic truck style

Dirt track. Oval track. Short track. Road course. 1/4 mile. Tis the season for racing so I bring you slow truck racing. The object of the slow truck race? To beat your competitor by using the lowest gear you have. The first truck to cross the finish line loses. When the flag drops you let off the clutch and then let the truck do the rest. No gas (duh), no brake and no riding the clutch!

The 1st heat. Mack B-Model Vs White 4000

A close match at the start but the B-Model is geared too high. Probably a good thing considering it was a fire truck. The White 4000 moves on to face a Brockway.

Epic competition! That Brockway is geared low! The White is sent packing. Can a Ford unseat the newest king of the hill?

Not even close, the Brockway dispatches of the Ford with ease! But wait, another Brockway enters the ring…

Ladies and Gentlemen, the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world, Brockway 761 (with dual transmissions).

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  1. Wife says:

    This may be inappropriate but I don’t care. I LOVE YOU! You are smart and funny!

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