At the Dealer – Armored Cars and More

Believe it or not I haven’t made my normal pass through the local heavy truck dealers in weeks now. What with the holidays and bad weather and general laziness I just haven’t had the time. I finally decided to hit the streets last weekend but found slim pickins at the normal locations except for this attractive Brinks armored truck couple. I’m not expert but I guess they could be Griifin Armored bodies. Information on such vehicles is relatively slim online but there appear to be only a handful of manufacturers that make such vehicles so I think my guess is solid. If you know better speak up.


Across town from a few month earlier I stopped to photograph this nice looking Freightliner Columbia of the Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group. I believe the trailer to be brand new.


In the gallery below you will find a few other shots from Stadium International including a WorkStar vac truck of EPS of Vermont, a line up of random trucks and finally a NES Rentals Kenworth T880. While not at a dealer this is a new model for Kenworth and one of the first I have seen outside the web so I figured this would be a good time to share.

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