At the Dealer – International HX

Will the International HX be a worthy successor to the Paystar line of trucks? Only time will tell but based on looks alone I’m pleased with what I see. Here we have a HX620 with Henderson gear all around. You’ll notice in the gallery below it comes with a pre-wetting system. A PWS cuts the solid material with the agent of your choice (liquid rust) to help increase the effectiveness of anti icing material. When you look all this tech its hard to believe a guy used to ride in the back tossing out sand with a shovel!

And while we’re on the topic of a the HX here is it’s “lighter” brother, the HV. This technically may not be an HV but it has the looks. In a past life it was the Workstar. This truck here has a set forward axle that looks like ready to pass the bumper at any given moment. Viking equipment all around on this truck. Plus a chrome visor!

Multiple angles plus another HX

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  1. Jayson Brown says:

    International’s new line of trucks is refreshing for the company, even if there are generally minor updates to the physical appearance (granted the new MV redesign increases visibility). I wonder how well the A26 will hold up compared to its’ predecessors (engine is used in the HX, RH, and LT series)

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