At the Dealer – Kawasaki 95Z7

Oh you have 20 inch rims on your car? That’s cute. Take at look at this rubber and then tell me how you feel. Inadequate?¬†Understandable.

Kawasaki 95z7 loader

I came across this new Kawasaki 95Z7 at Tracey Road Equipment the other day. This model represents the latest in loader technology when it comes to the long lived Z Link Series. Reading through the brochure I found a few interesting points. Namely, the engine uses a combination of EGR and diesel particulate filters to meet emissions regulations. A strategy recently tried by International that failed in a spectacular fashion. I also learned that Kawasaki is the oldest, ongoing manufacturer of rubber-tired, articulated wheel loaders in the world. There is plenty of other mumbo jumbo that goes over my head but for the operators and mechanics out there you may enjoy the read. Click here.

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