At The Dealer – Looking Back at 2019

Dan mentioned the other day he missed the long running part of the website dedicated to checking out the trucks found at the local heavy truck dealers. With little Preston running around I haven’t had much time to scope out the rigs like I used to but I have snuck a shot or two over the past few months.

All of the coverage will be coming from Tracey Road Equipment mostly because it’s on my way home and they usually have the largest volume of activity of any dealer in the area. Up first, this fancy looking 4900 log hauler of Hopkins Forestry. 

The 4700, the default vocational truck of our times. This one has steel wheels. Steel dump body. Steel. Steel. Steel. Destination unknown.

This Freightliner 114SD in neon green (chime in if you know the actual color) belongs to the Onondaga County Water Environment Protection. There seems to be a government agency for everything nowadays but if they come with their own trucks I guess that is the silver lining. 

Peterbilt 220, a truck rarely seen anywhere much less with a sweeper on the back. Village of Herkimer you streets will be clean in 2020.

And finally we’ll end with this Freightliner Cascadia. What stood out to me about this one was, for the lack of a better term, the ground effects. This truck has air fairings around all the lower trim that are just begging to be ripped of at the slightest bump or pothole. Better stay on those perfectly smooth and level interstates. 😉

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  1. AndyinMA says:

    Those ground effects won’t last a week!

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