At the Dealer – Mega Edition

Today, a major dumping of photos from dealer visits over the past few months.

Over at Tracey Road Equipment, the local Freightliner dealer, there was an entire row of used Mack Pinnacles in both sleeper and day cab variants in the preferred color of all fleets nowadays, white.

A month or so later and entire row of used Cascadias in the same color would appear.

That’s a lot of white. The experts will tell you that white is the color for anyone looking to retain an extra bit of resale value on their rig. Apparently the folks at Bur-Trans didn’t get the memo. Check out this rainbow lineup of Mack Anthems.

At the local Cummins dealer this bus for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority was spotted. Engine problems on the way to its new home? Let us hope not.

At the International dealer the most popular new trucks on the lot continue to be from the HX line of trucks. Here is that white again. Maybe it will find it’s true color once the new owner takes delivery. Love those meaty tires.

To end our journey we will circle back around to Tracey and this crew cab flatbed sporting a color that is anything but white!

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