ATHS Springfield 2012 – The Brockways

First let me start with a disclaimer, the gallery below does not represent all the Brockway trucks in attendance. I have a shameful secret to admit…all the years of living in Brockway country have left me jaded. I’ve become used to seeing them at historic truck shows all over the east coast. Unfortunately this means I often pass by the trucks I have seen before for a photo op with something new. But once again the Springfield show turned out all the stops and I was treated to “new to me” Brockways.  It was great to see so many familiar trucks but even better to see brand new ones.  With this year representing the 100th year of Brockway trucks I hope to see all the usual suspects and more make the pilgrimage to Cortland, NY for the biggest celebration yet.

And here is nice mix of some Brockways on the move.

And a Brockway Garbage Truck

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3 Responses to ATHS Springfield 2012 – The Brockways

  1. Jeff Shaw says:

    That DOT 761 on Pinterest to the right, you or Ryan wouldnt happen to know the serial on that truck would you? Just want to see which one of the 7 it is.

  2. josh pasquantonio says:

    do you know who owns 761? i believe my father used to because he put that bumper and hood on. also what does it have for an engine?

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