ATHS Springfield – International

International Harvester, International, IHC, Navistar by Intenrational (or maybe the other way around), International Trucks.  Despite the name changes over the years the song remains the same.  Good trucks at a good price.  They many not be as fancy as a Peterbilt or tough as a Mack but they are still my favorite brand of truck.

International KB Collection

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4 Responses to ATHS Springfield – International

  1. Don Slate says:

    I’m glad to see my 1987 International 9670 Eagle made the “cut” for the pictures you took!!Cabovers”don’t seem to”cut the mustard” in anyones”albums,but I’m glad you took a picture of it and put it here.Everything is “usually” about Macks,but I’m glad to see there was some interest in mine.THANK YOU for the picture,I appreciate the fact you took the time to photograph it!!She’s one of the nicest ones I’ve owned,and hopefully I can continue to add to her and make her even better!!

  2. Don Slate says:

    Cornfield cadillacs “STILL” live!!

  3. Don Keeton says:

    I just wanted to compliment you on an absolutely beautiful truck our small truck line had some 1981 and 1982 model 9670s we also had many of the late 1970s model co4070 b all had the 350 and 400 cummins engines these were some real
    workhorses in their day so sad that era is gone oh well long live the memories.

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