Autocar AT Dump Truck

Autocar Mondays are back! Or at least for this Monday. I recently discovered that a local company by the name of Diamond Paving has two Autocar AT models in their fleet. Of course we’re talking Autocars here so the actual model might be something different.


Autocar AT – Click to Enlarge

Here is truck #2 with a bonus for the GMC fans.


Autocar AT – Click to Enlarge

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4 Responses to Autocar AT Dump Truck

  1. Andy says:

    I wonder if that old C-70 came from LaBarge Bros.? The use to have quite the fleet of them. Here are a few that I found for sale a few years back…


  2. Eddie says:

    I knew that truck when it was new it belonged to Sam and Jim Lacastro in Syracuse they had there shop on state street and they had 2 Autocars several Macks and 1 Ford Louisville I did a lot of hauling along with them.

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