Oshkosh H-Series Blower

This Sunday (6/9) America’s favorite reality trucking show returns to the television screens across the country. Yup, Ice Road Truckers is back. I’ve only seen one promo for the show and that was dedicated to a singular topic, the return of Lisa Kelly. Based on this footage it looks like she might be driving for Polar Industries. The same company Hugh and Rick worked for last year. It would make sense that the producers would put Lisa at Polar considering the destruction Hugh Roland Inc left in its wake. It naturally produces a B.S. rich environment! Of course, I could be wrong and she could be driving back in Alaska. Guess I will just have to watch to find out.

Former IRT Dave Redmon has an interesting Youtube channel built around his rants regarding the show. At the very least he throws out some interesting behind the scenes knowledge regarding the filming of the series. According to Dave drivers like Hugh are paid for their expenses including fuel, tires and repairs. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. This would explain Hugh’s preference for busted trucks. If you’re looking to ease back into the drama that is IRT check out his videos.

So what does this fine Oshkosh H-Series blower have to do with IRT? The answer is..nothing! I supposed a connection could be made between ice, snow and harsh winter conditions. Did you know the H-Series can move 5,000 ton of snow per hour while throwing it nearly 200 feet?

This H-Series has been sitting at the local Oshkosh dealer for a few weeks now.  I first saw this truck a local “Diggers and Dumpers” children’s event. I guess one of those little kids broke it.


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As in seasons past I may do a recap of IRT episodes I find to be interesting or entertaining. Stay tuned!

Ice Road Truckers season 7 premiers Sunday, June 9th at 10/9c.

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