Autocar Mondays – 100 Years of Autocar

They year of 1997 marked 100 years of Autocar Trucks. By that point in history the brand had fallen into the hands of Volvo and was largely a Volvo truck with an Autocar logo slapped on the side of the hood. This rig wears a 100 year badge and from what I can tell that is the only defining mark of the truck. Clarence found this one at a farm auction a few months back.


Shortly after his encounter with a 100 year truck I found a similar one at the Palmyra Municipal Vehicle auction early last month. I poured over the truck looking for anything significant that would point to more celebration of a century of vehicle building than a piece of plastic but found nothing.


Oh well. Three years later Volvo would “withdrawn” the Autocar name from the market to appease regulators and shareholders after the purchase of Mack Trucks.

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4 Responses to Autocar Mondays – 100 Years of Autocar

  1. Zack says:

    One of these days I am going to get a picture of an Autocar tanker truck from the Glastonbury Fire Dept. that I’ve heard is a beast, or at least looks like one from the pictures that I’ve seen.

  2. James Pool says: Here is a link to the 1987 Autocar tank truck from the Town of Glastonbury Fire Department Website.

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