ebay Finds – 1982 Mack DM

Last week as I was coming back from the ESTRA show in Lake George when I passed an interesting Mack truck on the side of the road. Dan was driving and was nice enough to pull over to the shoulder so I could take a photo. At the time I don’t believe we knew exactly where we were in relation to a town or city but that is why the U.S. Government made GPS. Too bad I wasn’t paying attention to it so I figured I would never know the true location of the truck. Just the other day I was browsing the commercial truck listings on ebay when I happened to see a familiar looking face, the 1982 DM you see below.


Thanks to the ebay listing I now know I was located in Broadalbin at the time of this photo. I can now also tell you the tank out back has a 5000 gallon capacity, a Cat 3208 is under the hood and four speed Allison provides the gearing. Talk about a small world. Check out the original listing by clicking here.

*Update* Ryan has provide a photo of this truck from 2007 as it awaited auction.

NYSDOT (24) (1024x768)

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