Autocar Mondays A-OK AT64

The AT64F was the highway tractor of the Autocar family and primarily intended for hauling in an over the road environment. In most other trucks this would mean flimsy materials or other weight saving measures coming at the cost of durability or longevity. But we’re talking Autocar here so forget about that. Kyle spotted this AT64F in Williamsport, PA two years ago and at first glance you could be forgiven for thinking this was a DK model. It just has that legendary tough look about it. Unlike he DC or DK models this truck has a one piece tilt forward hood. A butterfly steel hood is not always the best….maybe. 😉

Autocar AT64F

Thanks to Kyle for sharing! In case you were wondering Kyle is the same gentleman that owns the 1965 Brockway 257 featured on this site from a few years back. If you like Brockways, Detroits, classic trucks or any combination of the three click on that the link!


After some discussion on the FB group Autocar Trucks it is now believed this truck is not an AT model but a DKF which, from what I understand, could be considered a DK model with the flip forward hood. Either way, it makes this truck all the more unique.

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