A Candle in the Wind

I went to an auction yesterday that had a few cool items but one of the more unique pieces was not for sale. Off in the corner of the property were the remains of a wind turbine. Now I can’t be 100% sure but I believe this unit is from the Fenner Wind Farm located outside of Canastota, NY. Last October one of the windmills caught fire during the middle of the night. Considering the remote location and height of the tower the local volunteer fire departments opted to let the unit burn itself out. What a sight that must have been on a dark Friday night! Below you can see the aftermath of the unexplained fire.

Wind Turbine Nacle

On the JPW Riggers back lot the burned shell of the nacelle rests along with the three rotor blades and the hub piece to which they once attached. Most likely these pieces can never be used again for fear of future failures or other faults. Probably a good idea.

Wind Turbine Blade

Fun fact. A few years prior to this fire one of the towers partially collapsed. Putting these giants together is more than a huge feat. I can only imagine how difficult of an undertaking it must be when trying to deconstruct one that has partially burned or collapsed. Remember that windmill from a few years ago under construction at the Maple Ridge Wind Farm? A Manitowac with a 295 foot boom barely is large enough. Click here to look back.

I made a short video of the remains.

On Tuesday we’ll take a closer look at one of the true auction items. It’s a good one!



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