Autocar Mondays – Australian Autocar

Autocar Trucks and the rugged beauty of Australia seem like a match made in heaven. Only the toughest rigs can survive the rigor of the outback so it may come a surprise that the Autocar name plate is something of rarity in the lucky country. It’s hard to believe when you look at the beauty below.


The White Motor Company was fairly successful in Australia importing a variety of their models, notably the Road Boss, which can still be found on the roads today. However it seems like the corporate powered decided to leave Autocar behind solely for U.S. buyers to enjoy. Oh what could have been! Just imagine the sight of a monstrous DC setup to pull a road train. A few trucks did find their way across the pacific like this DC model model powered by a Gardner diesel engine.

Many thanks to Nick at Truckflicks for sharing this great photo. Make sure to check out the rest of his great work showcasing Australian trucks at their best! To learn more about trucking in Australia make to check out Aussie Ed’s World of Old Trucks and the Australian Road Transport Hall of Fame.

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