Autocar Mondays – Autocar AT64

Last week the focus of Autocar Mondays was a pair of DC model rigs at work in the slate quarries of Vermont. Today we move toward one of the final models to wear the Autocar badge before Volvo muddied the waters with their purchase of the storied brand, yes we are talking about the AT64. In semi tractor form and with the right options you can be forgiven for taking a quick glimpse at an AT and writing it off as a Peterbilt. Hard to believe but it happens. Even your humble webmaster has been caught by this under the radar rig.

Two weeks ago I came across this particular Autocar working in tandem with a very active cold planer. A long line of trucks were lined up on the street waiting for the chance to be loaded but only one rig caught my eye and this time I didn’t think it was just another Petercar.


Killian Construction and Barrett Paving were tasked to strip and repave just over one mile of a busy two lane street leading into the heart of Syracuse. As one truck left another arrived and joined the feeding line.

Bonus Truck and Video!

Also on the job was an old International S-Series. We all know I am a sucker for this model truck so here it is, blue smoke and all.


Back on the subject of Autocars here is my first sighting of the AT64. This video provides you with a better idea of how this truck sounds.

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