Autocar Mondays – Autocar Roll Off

Today Autocar Mondays takes a trip back to 2007 to visit the ATHS Hudson Mohawk classic truck show and this prime example of a roll off truck. Browsing through some of my old photos of this show from over the years I found more than a few candidates for Autocar Mondays. Stay tuned in the coming weeks! Taking a look at the picture below you may notice a grey Ford pickup just out of frame. This truck rode to the show in the back of the dumpster. Who said you need a trailer to tow your vintage ride to shows?


Below is a video of the truck loading up the dumpster and tearing off across the show field. Please excuse the grainy nature of the film. After all, this was taken six years ago. It’s hard to believe this level of quality was at one time the norm.

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