The Tow Plow – The Future of Snow Removal?

I have seen the future of snow removal and it is the tow plow! I’ve talked about the tow plow before and what a crazy contrapation it appears to be for clearing roads during winter storms. Who in their right mind would want to a pull a trailer at a 45 degree angle to their truck in a blinding storm? Flying in the face of conventional wisdom the TowPlow appears to work rather well. You can read a nice little report by the Ohio Department of Transportation regarding their evaluation of a similar setup to the one you see below by clicking here. The TowPlow is generally praised by not only plow drivers but the general public for its efficiency in clearing long stretches of road. Will wonders ever cease?

Ryan sends in some photos of a Caltrans International WorkStar hooked to a TowPlow to help us understand the true size of the entire setup.

This unit is equipped with liquid deicing tanks out back but can be fitted with a more traditional salt box setup.

Clearly you will not see this truck on your local city street as it is designed with the highway in mind which leaves the regular plows for the on/off ramps and side streets.

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