Autocar Mondays – CT Edition

Wandering through a car show is one of those perfect activities for a warm summer evening. It’s even better when a few big trucks show up to the car show and when those trucks happen to be Autocars you just can’t ask for anything more.

Today Zack shares with a few shots from the Cromwell Memorial Day Car show. This 1962 Cummins powered Autocar DC75 single axle truck is real beauty. I’ve always liked the rounded style hood and grill of the 50’s to early 60’s A-Cars. Just check out that pinstriping work, a New England truck tradition if there ever was one.

Autocar DC75

Next the DC75 sat this square nose brute. In case you could not tell from the paint and the attention to detail both trucks hail from the same collection. Previously owned by the South Windsor Connecticut Highway Department this Autocar now enjoys a life on the show circuit.

Autocar Truck Manchester Brothers

Below, a few more excellent angles of the trucks including a third¬†Autocar of which I know nothing about other than it’s a real attention grabber. As always, thanks to Zack for sharing. Looks like next year this car show might become a truck show! Make sure you stop by Zack’s website for tons of great fire truck photos.

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