Terex 82-50 Dozer

You never know when you might need a bulldozer powered by a V-12 Detroit. That’s the very reason why Clarence recently picked this Terex 82-50 up for his collection. Considered by many to be the flagbearer of track dozer design for decades to come the 82-50 was powered by a rear mounted Detroit 12V-71T. The power generated by the massive GM diesel found expression through the aid of an Allison 3 speed powershift transmission and the Terex planetary final drive system. Standard blades for the 82-50 were a 13’3″ semi-u and a 16′ full-u. In case you’re wondering I’m no Terex expert. I leave that field of study to the good people at Contractor Magazine. Check out their well researched and authored article on the 82-50 by clicking here.

Terex 82-50

I hope Clarence has the U blade somewhere. I can’t imagine too many of those are laying around still!

Terex 82-50

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3 Responses to Terex 82-50 Dozer

  1. Clarence Ritchie says:

    Sorry to let you down, only got the 13 something blade! Pictures to follow when it is installed.

  2. Andy R says:

    There has been a Terex dozer sitting on Whitelaw Rd, Between Gee Rd and Waterbury Rd, in “Canastota.” To the best of my recolection its been in the same spot for at least 30 years. It sits sadly in a yard full of junk. And When I say junk I really mean garbage…

    Neither Google or Bing maps have very good recon photos…

    For those out of town and interested… 8710 Whitelaw Rd, Canastota, NY 13032
    43.137928, -75.830391

  3. Teresa Richter says:

    The engine is not rear mounted only the radiators

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