Autocar Mondays – DC97 with Sleeper

John sent in this interesting photo of an Autocar DC97 that he spotted south of Cortland while rail fanning. My first thought upon seeing the photo was if the Cortland referenced in the photo credit was the Cortland? As in Cortland, New York better known as Huskie Town USA? Turns out the answer is yes. Who knew such a great an unique looking rig was in my backyard right under my own nose.

I wouldn’t worry to much about the fate of this truck as it appears to be heading in the right direction with cleaned up rims and new shoes all the way around. It looks like someone has been working on the sheet metal too. When finished this rig should be a real head turner. If you have any info on it drop me a line.

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  1. Adam Burck says:

    I wonder if that’s an DC95 with the rounded fender. The aluminum bumper looks great – Is that a later addition? And is that an aluminum frame too? Interested to know why the attribution as a DC97.

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