International K-Series Collector

Today down in Landsdale, PA an unique collection of International Trucks (and a few others) from the estate of Harvey Lower went up for auction. Being the consummate IHC man that I am I briefly toyed with the idea of making the drive down but decided that I would rather spending the morning in bed. Besides, why tempt myself with vehicles that I can’t have? Thankfully long time Daily Diesel Dose supporter Marc lives in the area and made the journey out to view the trucks and other items. He was even nice enough to share a few photos with us.

Now which one to choose?

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  1. Andy R. says:

    Sweet baby carrots!

    An early 50’s era bulk feed truck!

    I need to find pictures of the rear end of that truck… (×745.jpg)

    It is nearly impossible to find any on the net, of this vintage.

    Even if the body is from the late 50’s to 70’s pics of it well help me in my quest.

    Can we find out if there are more photos of this truck?

    Here is a great example why to take more than just the front of the truck!


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