Autocar Mondays – Field of Dreams

You may have seen this truck in a few of my videos or photos from the HECA national meet last week. It sat on the opposite end of the show field nosed into a row of corn. I saw it almost immediately and vowed to check it out before I left. Even though I could only seen its rear end I knew it was an Autocar or at the very least a White. My intuition proved to be correct. Maybe I am starting to learn something after all these years? New York stopped using the “liberty” license plates around 2001 so I don’t believe this truck is actively plowing snow anymore.

Autocar Dump Truck

I checked out the year on the registration sticker but I don’t remember what it read. I’m going to say 1982. Like the Town of Clay truck from last week there are no White/GMC/Volvo badges to be found so my guess could be a sound one.


I couldn’t find any markings to indicate what municipality this truck worked for back in the day. Too bad it wasn’t running at the show!

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  1. John Sherris says:

    So thats what that was. When I reviewed several of my clips from the show, I remembered seeing it and kicked myself for not going down to look at it.

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