Autocar Mondays – Impending Storm

Here is a cool shot of a vintage Autocar from a photo I recently purchased on ebay. The caption reads….

George Savard of Medford loads a truck with sand at the MDC Central Services North Central Garage in Stoneham in preparation for for tonight’s predicted snowfall. February 2, 1985 – Ren Norton

In case there was any confusion about where this photo originated let it be put to rest now. It’s “Bahsten”. The best I can tell the MDC was responsible for maintaining parks and other such facilities back in the day. Whether or not this truck was owned by the MDC or was a private contractor is unknow but the later choice is the best guess. Most likely this truck is DC model and just looks awesome with the massive blade out front. Pure 80’s snow fighter right here.

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  1. Frank French says:

    The MDC purchased I believe 6 of these shortly after the blizzard of 78. These were tandem axle with all wheel drive front ends. If you notice there are no cab protectors on these do to the a fact that the Metropolitan District Commission was responsible for plowing and sanding a network of parkways in and around the city of Boston. These roads did not allow any commercial traffic. They had very low bridges and underpasses ; hence the height issue with the trucks.

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