Packers and Hackers

Take a look at this cute little truck. In a few years with the proper nutrition and exercise it might just grow up to be a full sized front loader. I spotted this truck over at the local Mack dealer a few weeks back. It belongs to the County agency tasked with operating the sewage treatment plants. I can only imagine that the small size of this truck has something to do with the tight confines of where it operates. Many years back during a freshman college science course I had the pleasure of touring the main treatment plant of the area. One part of the plant housed two giant augers that churn out the “non biodegradble” materials from the main sewage outflow. You’d be surprised the kinds of things that make it down the drain. Everything from large pieces of lumber to car bumpers. Now you see why they need this truck.

Now there is nothing really special about this next truck other than its an International 4900. My guilty pleasure of modern era trucks. There is nothing too impressive about this model but I snap a photo of one every chance I get. Deal with it. 😉

Back on the small truck front what about this GMC T7500. The body is rough but it looks like it’s the process of a repaint. Odd combo for this area.

We’ll end this little sanitation vacation with a look at a new Western Star 4700 with Heil body. Wish I had more to say about it but I don’t. I wonder if this custom Heil license plate is a special add on?

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