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Here we have a 1970 Autocar AT64-F seen at the ATHS National Show in Syracuse, NY from 2003. I bring this truck up because at the 2015 national show┬áthere will be a meeting regarding Autocar Trucks and the formation of group within the ATHS devoted to this classic line of American big rigs. I wish I could tell you more about it but I can’t seem to find the original notice of the event. I’ve gone through all the most recent Wheels of Times and cannot find any mention of it! Frustrating as I know I saw it. Or did I? The group will meet from 2 to 5 PM on Friday May 29th in the Utz Arena, conference room A/B. If you know more about what will be discussed or anything please let me know before I descend completely into madness.

Autocar A64-F


Andy Henderson, a former owner of this truck, fills us in on the details of this classic.

This was the prototype and built for the ATA 1969 Convention in San Fran. 434hp 12V71, RT1213 (not 12513) and Rockwell 44,000′. The motor ran 475,000 miles first time, rebuilt but a bad set of main bearings DD had on the market seized at 80,000 into rebuild and destroyed the crank. An NTA-370 was installed March 1978 which was shown in it here. It was sold to Mike Meros in NJ who started restoration but never finished before he passed and we understand it was scrapped. If anyone knows different, please advise. He had put it on an 85 Acar chassis and was working on a fab job of the cowel as this was 119 BBC due to a doghouse which made it a short BBC for a 12V.

Awesome! Yet very sad to here about Mike and the fate of this truck.

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  1. Ed Vanderwall says:

    Autocar Group Meeting is listed on “Schedule of Events” in the Registration Form (v2) Page 2 in the March/April issue of Wheels of Time.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Ed. I thought for sure I saw a different ad along with a photo an Autocar truck. I guess I must have made it up! Autocars on the brain you see.

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