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The past couple of days I spent some time wandering around the big apple with my wife. Most streets are some combination of narrow and or traffic choked. It’s hard to believe that big monster Autocars like this early DC model once plied those streets. Of all the heavy haul companies to hail from the NYC Metro area Gerosa is perhaps the most famous of them all. We’ve seen a few of their trucks, Autocars in fact, on this site before but there can never be enough.

Matt sends in this awesome shot of Gerosa rig loaded to capacity with a Bucyrus Erie 40H. This behemoth represents the first generation of B-E hydraulic machines and was most likely powered by a 12V-71 Detroit Diesel. The hills were alive with music back in those days!

Thanks for the share Matt! If you have an Autocar you would like to see featured in Autocar Mondays email today!

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