White Drag-In

It’s not Monday (Thank God!) but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at this awesome early 40’s Autocar Wrecker. For reasons unknown (although I can take a guess) Andy was digging through the Tacoma Public Library online digital photo collection. I’m not sure he found what he was looking for but this photo is certainly a winner.

The photo caption reads as follows.

A Turner tow truck is lifting a big freighter on its towing rig. The freighter truck is pulling a trailer behind its regular load. The Turner truck cab has a dragon painted on the driver’s door and words, “Call Turner, White Drag-In”. Turner Towing was located at 2620 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.

Interesting. I wonder what became of this fine looking truck. And no, I’m talking about that Peterbilt (?) out back on the hook. Great find Andy. Keep up the good work.

Credit: Tacoma Public Library 21215

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2 Responses to White Drag-In

  1. Andy Rezsnyak says:

    I guess I did have one buried in the pile of emails! I almost forgot about this one…

    And I was looking at the TPL for trucks… But not just any old trucks… They have a collection of early bulk feed truck photos in their collection… You know how hard it is to find vintage bulk feed bodies on the internet?

  2. AndyinMA says:

    That truck on the hook looks pretty flexible.

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