Autocar Mondays – Smorgasbord

Record breaking attendance. That sentence accurately describes the ATCA national meet from this past weekend. With over 700 trucks jamming into Macungie Memorial Park on Friday and Saturday there certainly was much to see and take in. I wandered through row after row of trucks in a daze. Stopping here and there to take a photos when something really caught my attention. It was easy to pass┬áby a truck two or three times before it stood out from the crowd. Other trucks didn’t need a second shot, trucks like this 1986 Autocar just grabbed your eyes and wouldn’t let go.

Autocar Truck

All ages, makes, and models of Autocar were to be found on the show grounds but I only managed to capture a few them in photograph form. This pair demonstrates the progression in style and technology over a 35 year span of time. On the left, a 1965 C65T, on the right a 1927 CHS(?).

Classic Autocar Trucks

So many Autocars, so little time. Below, video of few more trucks arriving and departing. Make sure you take the time to watch, there are some real works of art contained within.

As always, we’ll spend the rest of the week go over the show including a journey to the Mack Truck factory!

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4 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Smorgasbord

  1. Adam Burck says:

    Fantastic! Anybody who wants to donate their Autocar photos to the official Autocar company archive can email them to or post them here:

    • Eric says:

      Hey Adam, if you have a choice photo or two you would like to share I can drum up a post for next week. Prime the well so to speak.

  2. Rich Fowler Jr says:

    At the beginning of your video, I was stopped in the white colored Nissan Murano, following that massive white colored Autocar as it was turning into the fairgrounds. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more Autocars since this year trucks starting with the letter “A” were the featured trucks. Still an awesome show. Thanks.

    • Eric says:

      Haha, you had a nice view. The truck certainly doesn’t move fast but that doesn’t matter much when it looks as cool as it does.

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