Autocar Mondays – Still Kicking

Another edition of Autocar Mondays is upon us. This time we have a later model Autocar is the form of this ACL of Saunders Concrete. This truck has held up well over the years considering it is probably twenty or more years old. I recently spotted this truck in the waaaaay back lot of Tracey Road Equipment. Using my trusty zoom lense I was able to get a decent shot of this rig.


I’ve mentioned the photo collection of Joe Kelly before and even shared a few of his photos on my site. If you haven’t checked on his photostream on Flickr I suggest you do so by clicking here. There is a great collection of photos and a wealth of information to enjoy. Joe recently uploaded a series of classic Autocars that once belonged to the Solid Waste Department of Oswego County. Browsing through the photos I noticed a familiar face. Take a moment to see if you notice what I did.

Did you spot the Saunders ACL near the top left? Both trucks were found at Tracey’s Road Equipment back in the mid 90’s. The DC model was an ’84 while the ACL is probably close to being brand new. Time has most likely removed the DC from out grasp but at least one of the two still lives on! Small world!

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  1. Joe says:

    A really great catch Eric. I love it when cool trucks survive the ages and very ironic to find it in virtually the same spot as my old picture. You also shot an old Brockway up at the Dobbins auction that I took a picture of years before in Cicero, NY. I was amazed to see it still in one piece, well more or less anyway.

    My “one that got away” was the Town of Sullivan’s 1976 Brockway 776, truck number 12. I loved that truck when I worked there and never got to drive it or ride wing plow in it. I only washed it and parked it after plow runs. Even worse, I never took a picture of it! They blew the engine sometime in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s. It sat for years in their gravel bed but I never got back in there again to take pictures. The superintendent told me in July, 2011 that all the old hulks back there were cleared out a few years before my visit. Number 12 was sold to a “collector/junk man” in the Syracuse area he told me. Where is it?

    By the way, although number 12 was a single axle new (like the NYS DOT trucks since it was a state bid spec), the town converted it to a tandem in the early ’80’s which might be a clue. Orange cab/fenders/grill surround, black fenders & a yellow plastic bug shield for clues.

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