National Grid Truck Bingo – Augers and Internationals

I think I am getting really close to calling BINGO on my National Grid truck card. Dan helps me by sending in a photo of a Freightliner M2 4×4 auger truck. He literately sent me this photo days after I spotted this exact setup at the local Freightliner dealer. A perfect example of feast or famine.

National Grid Bingo

Now this truck could possibly be my winning draw. It’s an International DuraStar which if you have followed my previous posts regarding National Grid you know are exceedingly rare in the fleet. Freightliner is the preferred chassis provider for National Grid so this DuraStar may just be an oddball, a demonstrator or possibly a sign of things to come. Only time will tell. This truck was on display at the NYS Fair to help celebrate National Grid’s return after years of absence.


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