Autocar Mondays – Taking It To The Strip

Head to your average drag strip across the country on any given weekend and you’ll probably find more fox body Mustangs and fourth gen Cameros than you can shake a stick at it. You’ll probably fall asleep in the stands before that day is over watching the never ending passes and qualifation trips. Yawn. Time to spice up the old routine a bit with a 1987 Autocar AT64FB with a prowling Cat 3406B under the hood. Even better, this Autocar isn’t racing some kid in Supra but another A-Car, this one a 1975 S64B with a 350 Cummins. So, who’s your money on?

You can find more videos on these two fin truck s by visiting the Youtbue channel of Autocar 87 by clicking here.

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