Missing the Snow

Just about a week ago a large portion of Central New York received the first true snow fall of the season. Usually the first snow brings about panic and hysteria with people rushing to the grocery store for staples like milk and bread. Out on the roads the madness manifests in the form of two driver types. The first refuses to travel over 10 miles per hour while the second drives like a bat out of hell. This time around the world adjusted fairly well to the white stuff which is surprising considering most locations didn’t see less than of foot of heavy lake effect. I did my best to find plow footage but came up empty. I even stayed off the interstate and walked the streets during my lunch break. Nothing. The best I could do was a photo of this Case removing snow from the ice rink in Clinton Square.

Case Backhoe

Better luck next time I suppose. To fill in the gaps here are some unused photos from this past summer. Around NYS any public road is plowed by a public agency. It’s rare to find a truck like this one in private hands as most were shipped off to Massachusetts were contractors play a major role in plowing the streets.

Mack Snow Plow

More lime green trucks are on the way to the Cortland County Highway Department. I think it was just a year ago that two showed up Tracey Road Equipment. Here we see another identical pair. 

Western Star Snow Plow

In the gallery below you’ll find a few more shots of the trucks from above plus a Sno-Go in pristine shape and and old Ford that looks worse for wear.

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