Autocar Mondays – The Fixer

When other trucks get stuck send an Autocar. Joe has been stalking this 1974 DC9966 for a number of years now and was finally able to claim his prize. Owned by Clayton Block this truck is called out when the modern front discharge mixers become stuck in the mud.

1974 Autocar DC9964 6x6

On looks alone this truck passes with flying colors but just wait, it gets better. Under the hood you will find a Detroit 6-71N (238HP) connected to an air shift Spicer 16 speed mated to a 4 speed main and 4 speed auxiliary. If you can’t find the gears you need with this truck you shouldn’t be trying to do whatever it is your doing.

1974 Autocar DC9964

Super heavy SUDD rears rated at 52000 lbs reside in the rear and are just waiting for that next big job.

1974 Autocar DC9964 Interior

Inside the cab we find a dash that has escaped the decades relatively cut free. Even the steering wheel is clear of breaks. Take noteĀ of the 16 speed air shift. One stick for all those gears. Fun! This truck was originally sold by a former White/Autocar dealer by the name of Hall and Fuhs of Mountainside, NJ in the spring of 1974. That dealer still exist to this day but now only sells Izusu commercial trucks.

The fate of this fine old truck is questionable. Joe tell us that in recent years it has not been much more than a yard dog and currently occupies a parking spot reserved for retired trucks. Will it soon pass away like the other great Clayton trucks of the past?

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One Response to Autocar Mondays – The Fixer

  1. Skip Yates says:

    This is a killer truck…..looks like it still wants to go to work!…I’ve got a job for him!

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