Concrete Pumping in Utica, NY

Mark sent me these intense concrete pumping photos the other day from the North South Arterial reconstruction project in Utica, NY.

Concrete Pumping

Three separate pumpers were on hand making this one of the largest concrete projects to take place in Utica in a very long time.

IMG_20150716_162703_893 (1024x551)

This massive job is part of a 65 million dollar reconstruction of 1960’s era interstate that had limited exits, dangerous turns and provided little access to the surrounding area. State and local officals believe this project will help aid the continued resurgence of the Utica neighborhood known as the West End.

Thanks for sharing Mark!


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  1. That definitely sounds like quite a big project. I’m not sure that I’ve personally seen more than one or two concrete pumping machines working on a single project before. It’d be interesting to see just how much concrete they ended up pumping out of each of those machines by the end of the day.

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