B-Models on the Loose

Quick, name the most iconic Mack Truck model. What was the name that first popped into your head? The B-Model? Of course! R-Model, Superliner and maybe, just maybe, AC would have been other accepted answers.

More than a handful of B’s made it Trucktoberfest to partake in the festivities including the show ending parade. Some trucks made just a lap or two while others seemed content to make loops until dizzy. With each go around the traffic diminished allowing for the remaining trucks to gain speed. A few adventurous drivers even took to the 15% grade. Below we have some coverage of those trucks including one of the hill climbs. I had to run up the overgrown side of the grade to beat the truck the summit. I just barley made it.

Now even the though the title of the video mentions B-Models keep an eye for a 1984 DM886SX. It’s one hell of a heavy truck.

The still photos.

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  1. Zack says:

    And of course you can’t forget the Mack CF. 😀

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