Mack Truck History

I might be repeating myself but they really don’t come any nicer than this 1954 Mack LJ. Browsing through the trucks of Trucktoberfest this past weekend was like flipping through the Mack history book. We saw the B’s yesterday.

1954 Mack LJ

Don’t forget about D for DM. This 1984 mack DM886SX was an impressive machine. I love the the old Bethlehm Steel logo and markings. I bet this truck looked awesome¬†prowling among the blast furnaces and other heavy industrial locations that make up a modern steel plant.

Mack DM Truck

Out behind the museum there was a mini collection of trucks awaiting restoration or at the very least a reprieve from hungry scrappers. I had never heard of an NO model Mack previous to seeing this truck. The cab is massive while the engine compartment is regular size. Regardless of the strange proportions this truck is still a true classic.

Mack NO model

I put together a little video tour of me gawking at these classics.

If I ever won Powerball and Mega Millions on the same day my future property would look something like what you saw above. A large industrial building full of trucks with even more trucks outside. Think Jay Leno’s garage but with nothing but trucks and other heavy equipment. Don’t forget to toss in a test truck and large sandbox like area for digging and other fun.

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  1. Brian Kelly says:

    The NO was a 7.5 ton 6×6 made during WW2. It was primarily a cargo carrier. It used the Mack triple reduction kingpin drive front axle. The cab is not original nor is anything forward of the grill. These trucks were very long lived and many have been customized and/or converted like this one. They are relatively rare in the US and most went to Europe.

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