Big Rig Racing is Back!

Big rig racing is officially back in the United States! Rejoice! This past weekend saw the inaugural race of the Meritor Champ Truck World Series at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. Ten honest to goodness big rigs torn around the road style course sometimes bumping, sometimes spining, sometimes crashing but always entertaining the crowd. I really wish I had put more than zero effort into attending this race that happened to be not that far from home. OH WELL! Check out the video below for a small taste of the action.

Awesome! I really hope this series takes hold and gains a dedicated following. Check out the Champ Truck YouTube Channel for more videos like the one seen above. The first pole position of the season was claimed by Mike Morgan and truck #88, Mackvadar, a 99 Mack CH running a Mack MP7 engine. Stop by the Powershift Performance website to see this truck go from a bone stock rig to a monster of the race track. You can also learn more about Mike, his racing team and the upcoming season.

Good luck to all the drivers and teams involved. Much money, time, and sweat have been poured into these trucks all in an effort to bring back semi truck racing to America. So far so good! It looks like the sport is off to a solid start.

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  1. Zack says:

    Try watching that in 3-D :D.

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