The Road to Rome

All Roads lead to Rome. In the case, Rome, NY. If you enter this city along the canal from the South James St approach you’ll think you are entering some medieval fortress. First you pass through a small hole in the earthen defense works that ring the metropolis. Next you traverse a rusting bridge that allows for passage over a deep moat that completely blocks the southern half of the city. It’s almost as if they don’t want you to visit! I’m just kidding off course. The earth wall is just a raised railroad bed and the moat was simply part of the Erie Canal. It’s fun to pretend. Anyway, this road leading into the city has some interesting relics worthy of sharing. First, the large Michigan loader sitting near an onion field.

Michigan Loader

Nearby a former command center of the Syracuse Police Department provides little if any deterrent to criminal activity. At the very least it probably makes a nice home for a raccoon family.

argosy Police Truck

This old Mack dump truck was right next door. Appears to be a farm truck now. The paint is extremely faded but the rig appears to be all there. The mirrors look nice.

Mack Dump Truck

That brings us to the highlight of my little journey to Rome. This Ford LTL9000 of L.P. Trucking & Excavating. I first saw one their trucks on the way into the city but was unable to grab a photo. Later in the day when I stopped to look at the Michigan loader I saw this truck coming down the road. Right place. Right time.

Ford LTL9000 Dump Truck

While this isn’t the one I spotted earlier in the day it was just as nice. Check out the L.P. Trucking website linked above for a shot of the other truck.

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  2. Frank A.Schillaci Excavating says:

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