Brennan Motors Company Building Demolition

For the past week work has been progressing on the demolition of the Brennan Motors Company building in downtown Syracuse, NY. You might recall that a fire broke out in this long abandoned building in early September of last year. Some might consider this fire to have been the final death blow to the building and any hopes of restoration. In reality the entire complex had been dead and beyond redemption for a number of years. Not much seemed to change regarding the stability of the building in recent months but city officials had seen enough and ordered an emergency demolition. The current property owner is footing the bill and finally getting the outcome they wanted so many years ago. A new parking lot.

Demolition of the complex is being handled by Ritter & Paratore which happens to be the same company hired to tear down the Hogan Building after its spectacular collapse last winter. Work is moving at a steady pace with an estimated date of three weeks to complete total demolition. Below, a video of the early stages.

I would like to get more intense footage of the work but the demo crew and I seem to take lunch at the same time.

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