Circle Back

I don’t know if this was a strategic decision or not but back in 2019 the Town of Groton decided to list two Brockway trucks at auction…..with an end date on the very weekend the Brockway National Truck Show took place. For those not up on the Upstate geography Groton is just a hop and skip down the road from Cortland. Could you possibly pick a better time to sell a Brockway in the backyard of Huskie Town than the second weekend of August? I think not.

This 1974 351 sold for $3,650

While this 1975 361 sold for $3,050
There also was a 1947 Walter FGBS for bid. The condition of the truck was extremely poor. It was missing the drivers side door while the passengers door was held on by a thing strand of goat hair. Despite its decrepit condition it was still an impressive looking rig with V-Plow. Final sale price $810.00

And with this post I have fulfilled a promise I made back in 2019 to share these photos!

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3 Responses to Circle Back

  1. Dave says:

    I wonder where they are today….

    Thank you for posting them Eric. Imagine the stories those trucks could tell!


  2. Michael Bartlett says:

    One of Larry’s friends bought the Walter. It went down to New Jersey and from what I’ve heard the engine is bad and is going to be replaced.

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