Clean Up Your Inbox

Give a man enough up rope and he’ll hang himself. This is an old turn of phrase but one that I think can make the leap to the digital age. In the early days of email space was limited. If you ran over your limit you could no longer receive email so it benefited one to keep a clean inbox. As technology progressed size restrictions decreased and eventually the age of unlimited email storage was realized. I’ve come to find out that having too much space is the same as having too little. In an unlimited inbox, desired emails are quickly swallowed and lost among a sea of never ending spam and other items to be dealt with “later”.

That’s the exactly how this B-Model received from Dave in October languished in purgatory until it was rediscovered the other day. We don’t know much about this truck other than it’s a Mack B-Model. What more is there to say really? It seems solid enough and with the right persuasion might be able to leave the weeds under its own power.

Nice find Dave!

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